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Why Those $10/Mo Gyms Piss Me Off

I'm Becky

I'm on a mission to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to spend years of their life continuing the yo-yo diet cycle. 


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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

Yesterday I was driving in my car and I heard one of those ads for those $10 gyms…

…you know $5 down, $10 a month, no commitment.

Now this may sound like a bargain…

…if you’re super motivated to workout on your own and already know what it takes to get results…

…but if not (like 98% of people out there) then you’re might as well throw your money in the trash.

But what pisses me off is that these gyms are counting on the fact that you aren’t going to show up.

Because if everyone that had a membership actually came in to workout, they would be over capacity and would be shut down!

They are relying on your lack of commitment.

Your lack of follow through.

Their big secret is they could care less if you use the membership or not.

Actually, it’s to their benefit that you don’t!!

And hey this type of program may work for some people, a very small percentage of people….and that’s great – for them.

But I find for most women….

…especially the types of women I work with that aren’t really sure how to get the best results and that struggle to stay consistent and stay motivated…

…it can actually do more harm than good.

It keeps these ladies in a cycle of start/stop where they never really get any kind of lasting results.

They get amped in January, spring, and fall for a few weeks only to fall-off-the-wagon and keep repeating the same viscous start/stop cycle.

They end up frustrated and depressed, and often close to giving up altogether.

See the reason this happens is because the gym does nothing to:

✳️ hold these ladies accountable to following through (“no commitment” is their motto!)

✳️ motivate them when they are struggling

✳️ give them guidance on what works best for them and their body

✳️ provide support or community – you’re usually on your own – and research shows that support actually exponentially increases your chances for success

So while it may seem like a bargain or a great deal, you do get what you pay for.

And the fact that someone would want to create a business that purposely sets people up for failure is beyond me.

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