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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

Yesterday was one of those days where I really didn’t feel like working out.

I would much rather have curled up on the couch…or pretty much do anything else.

Can you relate?

But the day before I had listened to this awesome podcast, Kwik Brain, and it made a really good point.

In it, he mentioned changing out one letter in one simple word…and how this small change can alter the way you think and even increase your motivation.

So what’s the word?


Like… “I gotta workout”…

But instead, changing it to “GET” as in “I get to workout.”

See when we gotta do something it’s not so exciting. It’s the same as saying you have to…as if almost against your will.


Now try saying the same thing with the word get.

Feels totally different, doesn’t it?

Almost a little exciting…it’s like I get to do something other people may not be able to do. 🙂

So if you’re struggling to do something, like workout or eat healthy, remind yourself that you GET to do it.

Lucky you 😉

This one small shift can have a huge impact on your motivation and staying on track.

So, when I remembered that I “get to workout”, I actually got excited and jumped into my workout with a lot more enthusiasm.

And once I got moving, I felt great.

And when I finished, I felt accomplished.

So as you go on your day remind yourself of all the things you get to do…

… and see how inspiring that feels 😉

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