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Fat Loss Cheatsheet: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself To Maximize Fat Loss

Fat loss goes way beyond just diet and exercise. While these two areas are important there are many other lifestyle factors that come into play. Below are the top 8 questions to ask yourself to gauge where you’re at and what you may need to work on to get faster fat loss results. By slowly […]

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11 Signs of Progress

I always tell my clients to never rely on the scale as a true measure of their progress. Scales are so misleading and NEVER show you the full picture because they measure so many other things that fat loss. They can ruin your day despite actually making great progress. And can lead you to believe […]

11 Signs Of Progress That Aren’t A Number On A Scale

Weight Loss

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I talk to women everyday who tell me that they struggle to stay consistent with their fitness and nutrition routines. They may start out strong, but easily get discouraged when life gets busy or the scale barely budges. “If only I were more motivated!” “If only I had more discipline!” They exclaim. Sound familiar? If […]

3 Tips to Stay More Consistent

Weight Loss

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Kick those cravings to the curb with these 5 simple steps to banish hunger and cravings. Don't be shocked at how seriously simple these steps are!

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