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Fat Loss Cheatsheet: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself To Maximize Fat Loss

Fat loss goes way beyond just diet and exercise. While these two areas are important there are many other lifestyle factors that come into play. Below are the top 8 questions to ask yourself to gauge where you’re at and what you may need to work on to get faster fat loss results. By slowly […]

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Strong. Confident. Happy.

Patty Stewart - Testimonial

 Why did you join Fox Fitness? I was at a critical juncture in my life in. I was sending my oldest off to college and my youngest off to kingergarten. I thought it might be time to spend some time focusing on me. I wanted to be off the rollercoaster and wanted something I could […]

Client Spotlight: How Patty Dropped 2 Clothes Sizes and Boosted Her Energy!

Weight Loss

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Phyllis Simonetta Testimonial

 Why did you join Fox Fitness? I feel like I let myself go. After switching from a teaching job to opening my own business as a Reiki practitioner, while also being a wife and mom of teens I need to drive around, my own self-care went to the wayside. I was inconsistent with workouts. I […]

Client Spotlight: Phyllis Simonetta – “I’m Fitter, Stronger, and More Confident!”

Success Stories

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