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Client Spotlight: Phyllis Simonetta – “I’m Fitter, Stronger, and More Confident!”

I'm Becky

I'm on a mission to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to spend years of their life continuing the yo-yo diet cycle. 


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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

 Why did you join Fox Fitness?

I feel like I let myself go. After switching from a teaching job to opening my own business as a Reiki practitioner, while also being a wife and mom of teens I need to drive around, my own self-care went to the wayside.

I was inconsistent with workouts. I tried to workout on my own, but then I would fall off the wagon and try to get back on it. I was just frustrated with the weight I had gained.

I knew that I should feel better and wasn’t.

But after meeting Becky at a networking event I knew this was something I needed to do and just loved what she had to offer. It hooked me.

What results have you seen so far? 

I lost a clothes size, just over 10 pounds, and feel smaller.

I’m stronger. I can do a push-up on my toes (or two or three) which is huge! I’m fitter and have a better shape to me now.

I have more confidence.

And I know this is going to continue.

I may still be a work in progress but I can’t wait to see how my continued progress goes. And Becky makes it very clear that she’s there for us in the long run and that it’s not an overnight fix.

What has this lead to?

I feel like I’m walking my talk.

I’m taking care of myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually which has lead me to be more confident in my work and feel like I’m being the real deal. I’m taking care of my whole self, which is exactly what I teach others to do.

What do you like about training at Becky Fox Fitness?

It’s been life-changing in so many ways.

It’s motivating. It’s fun. It’s always different.

I actually get excited to go to the workouts.

Even though I had worked with trainers in the past, and even tried a competition, it never stuck with me. But now I feel like it’s a lifestyle change.

I’ve learned workouts don’t have to be super long and I think that’s what’s held me back in the past because I didn’t want to do a 1-2 hour workout. I don’t have time in the day for that.

I’ve seen the results that prove that her program works.

Having the support of Becky and the other women in the group is tremendous. She understands our needs as a woman and is so relatable.

You walk in and there’s this camaraderie of we’re all here for the same reason and we’re just regular women, living life, and getting fit at the same time.

It’s like a family. I’ve made new friends and just feel part of the group and know that Becky really cares.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining?

Just do it. When you get in there and you experience Becky’s class you will know that it’s for you.

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I'm Becky Fox, certified fitness & nutrition coach

Like many of the women I've worked with over the last 16 years, I too have struggled with yo-yo dieting, not feeling good enough, lack of motivation, taking care of everyone but myself and feeling like nothing would ever work. 

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