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How Much Cardio Should I Do?

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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

“How much cardio should I do?”

This is a question I get asked often because of course you want to burn off that fat, right?

But it doesn’t have such a simple answer as x hours per week.

Because here’s the thing…

…it’s not so much about HOW MUCH cardio you’re doing but what TYPE of cardio you’re doing.

See spending hours on a treadmill or elliptical may actually be hurting your results!

This type of cardio:

1. Only burns while you’re moving (not a great way to maximize your time)

2. Can raise cortisol levels (that’s a belly fat storage hormone by the way)

3. Can make you hungrier and increase cravings (causing you to eat more)!

So it’s not so much about MORE as it is about QUALITY.

And that’s where Interval Training comes in.

Interval training is a way to maximize your results by spending less time working out and boosting your metabolism even after your workout is over.

So instead of sitting on a treadmill for an hour…

…toss in some short bursts of more intense cardio into your routine and in 20-30 minutes you’re done!

It sounds crazy you can burn more fat in less time, but it works!

And that’s what you want, right?

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