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Here’s Why Relying On Motivation Doesn’t Work

I'm Becky

I'm on a mission to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to spend years of their life continuing the yo-yo diet cycle. 


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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

I talk to a lot of women about their fitness goals.

And when I ask why they struggle to get started or stay on track with their workouts the #1 reason I hear is:


They are waiting to feel motivated.

But here’s the thing…

Motivation is a feeling.

It comes and goes.

It’s unreliable.

It’s a crummy friend that leaves you when you need it the most.

Sometimes it’s there, but more often it’s nowhere to be found.

Waiting to be motivated is keeping you stuck.

So forget motivation.


Decide what you are committed to.

Know why it’s important in your life.

And make the decision to go after what you want no matter HOW you feel.

You workout because…

…it’s going to help you be better, feel better, and live better

…you are tired of feeling tired, uncomfortable, and embarrassed

…because staying where you are, or ending up worse off, isn’t an option

Knowing these things will fuel your desire and keep you going when things get tough.

When motivation leaves you.

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I'm Becky Fox, certified fitness & nutrition coach

Like many of the women I've worked with over the last 16 years, I too have struggled with yo-yo dieting, not feeling good enough, lack of motivation, taking care of everyone but myself and feeling like nothing would ever work. 

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