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Client Spotlight: How Cindy-Marie Fit Back Into Her Clothes And Now Keeps Up With Her Grandkids

I'm Becky

I'm on a mission to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to spend years of their life continuing the yo-yo diet cycle. 


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What if you could boost your metabolism without counting calories, resorting to tiny portions or giving up  the foods you love?

What was your biggest challenge before starting at BFF?

On day one I was asked,  “What is your biggest challenge and what do you really want to work on?” My answer was getting out of bed in the morning. I do work full time, but I don’t have to get out of bed at a regular six o’clock, seven o’clock like most people, so my struggle I would say challenge was to get out of bed in the morning and stop hitting that snooze button.

And I noticed that I was a lot more sluggish, gaining weight, with no energy. My husband and I went on a trip and we did a lot of hiking last summer. I had a real tough time keeping up with the rest of the group. They were older than me and they were bigger than me, and I said, “What is going on? I really have to do something about this.”

It was my cardio and my breathing. I really struggled.

So when I saw a 6-Week Challenge from BFF the timing was perfect. I definitely believe that things come into my life the way they’re supposed to and when they’re supposed to whether it’s the universe or someone up above just telling me, “Okay, now is the time.”

I’ll tell you once I started with BFF just for the first couple of days, I was getting up before the alarm went off and that is huge for me.

What’s the best part about BFF?

You walk in and right away everyone knows you. I just felt so welcome. It doesn’t matter the age or the size of the person. I felt myself so welcome there!

We often hear women are worried about getting started. Especially if they have physical challenges or limitations. What would you say to them?

I have some back issues. I’m getting up there in age and I’ve had some injuries and I have bursitis of both hips. And then of course I have that breathing problem. So while we’re doing the workout, the coaches will come over and they’ll adjust me or they’ll tell me that I’m doing it great, and that is just so huge, because you don’t want to hurt yourself and make yourself worse, and they always catch me when my form isn’t right.

Have you done anything in the past or tried other gyms?

Yeah I have. I always joke about it. I say I was a member of every gym on the South Shore. I worked at one, I taught gymnastics as a young person and a young adult, and I even did CrossFit.

BFF’s approach it’s just amazing and different. It’s everything that I’ve been looking for!

It’s the personalized service. I don’t even like to call it a service, because she’s just like a friend. Not only do I walk in and I get a great, great workout. She does a warm up before, and we have a chat and she has a board that she goes through every day and we talk about our goals and challenges.

She has different events that we go to after the gym during the week or during the weekend that she invites us all to. Other gyms didn’t have that, it was basically you walked in and you worked out and if you had questions there was somebody there and then you were done, but it’s not like that at BFF.

They follow up. Every day I get emails with different suggestions and different things.

What results have you noticed?

I definitely notice a difference in my body and in my shape. BFF has also really got us women to understand not to worry so much about the scale and the number on the scale. So I try not to do that and I only use the scale when I’m at her place when we do check-ins. She also does that which is another perk. She measures us and keeps track of things for us.

What I’ve noticed myself is my clothes are looser and the things that I couldn’t wear before, I can now fit into, which is huge very, very satisfying.

In the first six weeks, I lost more than six inches and 6-7 pounds. I did cheat, because we do have a cheat day. It wasn’t like I had to eat exactly everything that was healthy. I joined at the end of October, which means you had Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and I still was successful.

Also, I used to have to take a lot of ibuprofen and use a lot of pain cream for the different problems that I have. I definitely feel less aches and pains. I sleep better.  I definitely feel better. I definitely feel less aches and pains.

And the best part is, I have three grandsons, and I notice now that I can keep up with them!  We went bowling last week, and I was able to bowl and before I would be like, “No I’ll just keep track. And you guys watch and I’ll take pictures.” I actually got out there and bowled with them.

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I'm Becky Fox, certified fitness & nutrition coach

Like many of the women I've worked with over the last 16 years, I too have struggled with yo-yo dieting, not feeling good enough, lack of motivation, taking care of everyone but myself and feeling like nothing would ever work. 

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