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Hi, I'm Becky Fox!

I'm on a mission to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to spend years of their life continuing the yo-yo diet cycle.

Because the weight loss struggle isn't just about a number on the scale... 

...it can take away so much from our lives.

I'm here to help women reclaim their strong, happy, confident life so they can be fully engaged with their friends and families, have the energy to enjoy their favorite activities, and be proud of what they see in the mirror. 

And I get it, because the yo-yo roller coaster ride has been my life too...

In 2007, I started competing in fitness competitions where I went on strict diets and worked out 2-3 hours a day. Yep, I was on those low-carb, low-fat, can't hang out with your friends on the weekends kind of diet. 

During those two years I got the leanest I'd ever been, but I was also completely exhausted, had no life outside of work and working out, and still never felt good enough despite how good I looked. 

I spent the next 8 years gaining and losing the same 20-30 pounds over and over again battling the constant deprive, binge, beat myself up, start over on Monday cycle. 

So I went on a mission to find a better way, a sustainable way to stay on track with food, be kinder to myself and my body, and to end the yo-yo diet roller coaster ride.

I took courses. I got coaching. I read books. It took me years to learn how to keep the weight off and do it in a way that's simple, sustainable and that feels good!

And that's why I do what I do today. My mission is to help women lose the weight for good and feel amazing in their bodies without having to continue spending years of their life gaining and losing the same weight. 

I'm here to help thousands of women lose the fat FOREVER, reclaim their confidence, live a happier life, and love themselves again.


Lasting weight loss, quick & effective workouts, making nutrition and fitness simple so it works in anyone's busy life


Fad diets, quick fixes, deprivation, starving yourself, hours of cardio, beating yourself up, or tying worth into a scale 


Writing content that inspires, coaching amazing clients, walking at the beach, or reading a good book

daily rituals:

Morning meditation, gratitude journal, lifting weights, eating lunch at the pool, and soaking up the Florida sun 





reruns of Friends

chai tea

a Lisa Jewell novel

chocolate, tacos or pizza 



walking at the beach

My Favorite Things

Traveling! I love exploring new places, seeing new sights, and enjoying fun outdoor adventures. Especially this Colorado trip.

my happy place!

The Beach! It's my place of calm and relax and where my best ideas happen. Plus nothing beats putting my toes in the sand!

Tasty, delicious food! Whether it's eating out or cooking a new recipe, I love exploring healthy food...and splurging on tacos, pizza, chocolate, and a fruity martini on occasion too! 

My Favorite Things

Sunshine. Wayfarers kickstarter semiotics, quinoa godard dreamcatcher hexagon pop-up hoodie.

my guilty pleasure

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Ice cream. Microdosing gochujang keffiyeh salvia. Hoodie knausgaard art party.

Photos! Hashtag fashion axe palo santo fanny pack, ramps cornhole messenger bag asymmetrical direct trade slow-carb everyday carry chartreuse tofu godard.

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